Is the Stephenson WarmLite the lightest three-person tent?

Guilty as charged. The Stephenson tents are such niche products that I sometimes overlook them. Not that being a niche product is a bad thing! Not at all! And the WarmLite is a tent that’s well worth considering. It’s a hoop tent, meaning it has two semi-circular poles, one at each end. This is a lighter construction method than a freestanding tent, although obviously you have to stake the ends out tightly. The poles are pre-bent for greater strength and combined with very lightweight fabric to make an extremely light tent-three pounds, 12 ounces for the model 3R, which sleeps three. In an interesting construction feature, the WarmLite is a double-wall tent in which both fabric layers are waterproofed.

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14 thoughts on “Is the Stephenson WarmLite the lightest three-person tent?

  1. I’m a hunting guide on Kodiak Island. I recently did my mountian goat season with a heavy north face bastion 4 tent. A bomber as they call it. 100mph winds bent everypole on the tent. Knocked people over trying to stand up. The exposed terrain up there is brutal. I’m looking to get shorter to the ground, lighter in the tent and find someone whose tent can handle the conditions I work in. Does your warmlight 3 person tent fit the bill? These tents are exspensive. My clients have a lot invested in there trip. I need gear that’s not gonna embarrass me or the name on the side of it. Let me here your thoughts!

    1. Thanks for your questions Jake! I believe you and your clients would be very happy in a Warmlite tent. Our tents are rated for winds upwards of 160 mph when using our wind stabilizers, this is sewn into and becomes one with the tent when you order your tent. You can read all the technical details of our tents on our website at: https://www.warmlite.com/tent-technical-details/
      You can also read other happy customers stories at: https://www.warmlite.com/2017/10/12/stephensons-warmlite-2r-review/
      Happy Trails, Kim

  2. I can only say that I did not think about this topic before, but thanks to your article it became very interesting for me.

  3. I would like to know more about the additional advantages of this product and the possibilities of how it can be used economically.

  4. This topic was interesting for me and I would like to learn more about the basic nuances of this product and get a clear understanding of its need.

  5. This is a lighter construction method than a freestanding tent, although obviously you have to stake the ends out tightly.

    1. Thank you for your post. You are correct in that a Warmlite tent is the lightest 4 season tent in the world. Staking it out tightly is what allows it to withstand extremely high winds. Happy Trails

  6. This type of product can not be bad, because they are constantly in demand and bring a lot of benefit to their owners.

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