Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R Review

Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R Review

The Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R is a strong, spacious, and exceptionally light non-freestanding tunnel tent that is still made in the USA in Gilford, NH. The tent uses high quality materials (though very thin diameter poles) and provides lots of space for a mere 3 lb. 4 oz. The 2R can handle fierce winds as long as its pitched solidly. This is where the Warmlite is a little unique, featuring only three tie-down points and no guy-out points (guy-out points are an optional addition) and therefore requires an extremely solid stake, such as a ski or buried ice axe, in order to achieve the very high lengthwise tension that’s necessary to make the sidewalls drum tight if you expect to be in 50+ mph winds.

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4 thoughts on “Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R Review

  1. The Warmlite poles can have thinner walls because, being pre-bent to shape, they do not have to sacrifice tensile strength reserve to bending forces. Of those I’ve seen in the field the only one that suffered a broken pole was struck by a 1 ft. pine cone which, had it hit someone, was heavy enough to cause a concussion. Look up before pitching.

  2. I have had my 2R for 15 years. It was expensive and well worth it. It debuted with my debut 18 miles up the Matanuska glacier in Alaska in a 12 hr. push. It is an amazingly powerful, resilient ultralight weight 4-season tent that I have used in many Alaskan winters. It is amazingly roomy.
    The only fault it has in my opinion is that if it is raining when you get in the rain will pour right into the tent with the door so you have to be quick. I think warmlite should address this issue. I love my tent and I remember conversing with a very, very personable Mr. Stevenson many years ago as I was in my final stages of buying my 2R. My 2R is still works but the weathering over 15 years is beginning to show fabric “wear separation” in the coating even though I would still take it into a rain storm but it would seep in very slightly probably but again — this titan of a tent is 15 years old. Treat the poles with extreme care and reverences and they will serve you indefinitely but cast a reckless casual glance at them and they will bend out of round. Respect every aspect of this tent and you will be traveling with a hardware companion that will save you in any condition one can reasonably expect except at perhaps camp 4 on Everest — but possibly their as well. I have been in wind storms in the winter so severe that I have had to get out and rotate the entire tent 90 degrees, twice. I love my Stevenson 2R tent!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your input & suggestions Brent. We love to hear from you, the end users thoughts and suggestions! With your fabric thinning, you can try to reseal the fabric to make it waterproof again. We suggest you use GE Clear Silicone, dilute it with Mineral Spirits and paint onto the fabric where needed. Happy Trails! Kim

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