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Do you know what pairs perfectly with Warmlite VB socks? Hiking boots! Here are a few hiking boot tips for this Things You Should Know Thursday:)

1) Hiking boots come in a variety of options. This can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it is very important to have the right boots for your trek. The three most common types of boots are day hiking boots, backpacking boots and the hiking shoe.

2) Breaking your boots in before your first hike is a must! If you miss this step and take a brand new pair of shoes out your feet will not be happy. You are likely to have sore feet and blisters after this outing.

3) Have you ever heard of boot cuts? Well, finding the cut best suited for you, can make a world of difference. Just like the styles of boots, cuts come in a variety. Boots come in low, mid and high cut.

4) There’s nothing worse than having boots that are too small.  Trying on boots at the end of the day will help prevent this from happening, because your feet swell throughout the day, they will be at their largest. Doing this will help you buy the perfect size.

We hope these tips will help you next time you are in the market for hiking boots. Remember to snag a pair of Vapor Barrier Socks to help keep your feet insulated and warm.