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Fall camping can be a bit unpredictable. This Things You Should Know Thursday, we want to give you a few tricks to help with this endeavor!

1) Plan your trips around the leaves changing. Doing this will help you to maximize the breathtaking views and make for some great photo op’s.

2) Use a cold weather or four season sleeping bag. The Warmlite Triple Down Sleeping Bag is the perfect fit! This bag is four season, so it will keep you warm when the weather cools off, but it won’t make you sweat if the weather is more temperate.

3) Sometimes, this slips our mind, but make sure to check the weather so you can pack accordingly. In places like Colorado, the weather can change in an instant. Checking the weather multiple times before you go, can help prevent you from being left without things you may desperately need! For instance, you wouldn’t want to leave without your rain gear or VB clothing, if the weather wasn’t looking so nice. 

4) Test your equipment before you go. It is a huge bummer when you realize you have a broken pole, a ripped tent or a missing stake. Testing your equipment and making sure you have all the parts will help your trip go smoothly.

5) Invest in a reliable tent for all weather conditions. This may seem like another no brainer, but having equipment that is going to last is imperative. Many times camping conditions can change quickly, without notice. Having a tent that will keep you protected and lasts makes your trip more enjoyable!

We hope these tips help you this season! Enjoy your trips and don’t forget to send us some pics. Happy trails:)