Warmlite’s Repair Policy

Warmlite’s Repair Policy

Warmlite gear is built to last.

With high-quality, rip-resistant material, sturdy zippers, and double-stitched strain-bearing seams, Warmlite gear is carefully assembled to ensure that your gear lasts 20+ years.

But things can happen. Did you know that we will repair your gear? No time limits, no questions. Have Warmlite gear that needs repaired? Simply give us a call or email us about the issue and we can problem-solve with you to decide on the best course of action.

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2 thoughts on “Warmlite’s Repair Policy

  1. What material are your raingear pieces made of? Breathable yet water proof seems so elusive but the Brits/ Irish have some but it seems quite heavy. Which is my other question: what would be approximate weight of a medium, hooded rain top
    [email protected]

    1. Great question Cliff. We use the same material for our Ponchos as we do our tents, a nylon silicone coated rip stop fabric. A Poncho with a hood weighs approx. 8 ounces. Weight can be slightly more or less depending on overall length and if a lot additional length is added to go over backpack space.
      If you look on our website:
      at the bottom there are sections on how to measure your length and how to measure for extra length for a backpack. Have a Great day!

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