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Lightweight Entertainment

By Jessica Marie


When we venture into the great outdoors we like to think that will be enough to keep us entertained. However, this isn’t always the case. Times when a campfire isn’t allowed, can’t be had (due to heavy rain, snow, or wind), or you are on a long trip and will need something to do. Getting into the great outdoors is a great way to detach from the hum-drum and monotonous thoughts of our everyday lives, but we still need to occupy our minds. Here is a list of some lightweight games and entertainment that we can carry with us when going outdoors. Whether hiking or kayaking, these can be used anywhere.

Lightweight Entertainment List:

  • Deck of cards
  • Frisbee (can double as a plate too)
  • Reading Material – you can opt for a magazine as they are light, or a small book (I always hike with a small book). An eBook can run out of batteries (unless you carry a solar charger), crack a screen, or short out from contact rain or rivers.
  • Journal – you can write or draw what you see and experience
  • Write – Try writing a piece of poetry or capture what you see into a story for others to experience
  • Bean Bag Toss – bring them as empty bags and fill them with rocks or sand when you make camp, then empty them before you leave
  • Music – flute, harmonica, hollow drum
  • Hobby items – such as a bird identifying book, star watcher book/chart, etc.
  • Quiet – simply pray or meditate in nature. You can often see wildlife by sitting quietly for periods of time
  • Fishing – If allowed and you have a license, bring in a small collapsible pole
  • Dice – there are lots of dice games that can be played, check them out here
  • Garden – without disturbing nature, make a quiet little garden or symbol out of rocks or leaves


There are other lightweight entertainments available, but this is a pretty good list to get someone started. We get so focused on talking around a campfire, which is one of the best parts of camping. But sometimes it is good to have other options, especially if you are in a group that might need some ice breakers. Whether on your own, in a familiar group, or a new group, there is something in this list for everyone to help you have fun while venturing in the outdoors.




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