Here at Warmlite, we are a family-owned business, and everyone who works for us is a part of our family.


Kim Cunningham, is the niece of Jack Stephenson. She has been helping with Warmlite, on and off, her whole life. She decided to take over and move the company to Colorado when her uncle passed away.
As a small business owner, Kim and her husband jumped at the opportunity to continue her uncle's Warmlite legacy. Kim loves hearing all of the stories that our customers have shared over the years!


Regis Cunningham has been with Warmlite since June of 2017 when he took over the company with his wife, Kim. He was inclined to take this risk because of his passion for the outdoor world. Over the past 16 months, Regis has loved all of the unique experiences that Warmlite has thrown his way.


Jessica Cunningham is a member of the Stephenson family and eagerly helped her parents move Warmlite to Colorado. She has been working with Warmlite since June of 2017. Jessica was excited to continue working at the family business, after graduating from Colorado State University.

Jessica loves working for Warmlite because she believes the products truly speak for themselves. She wants others to be able to have the Warmlite experience as well!


Seb Cunningham also helped his family transition Warmlite to Colorado. He loves working with his family, along with producing quality products that help people enjoy the outdoors more! Being very active himself, Seb loves parkour and practicing martial arts, he appreciates being part of an outdoor company. He appreciates that he learns new skills daily that are practical to his future.


Jane Fortin has been working for Warmlite for 38 years. She started out as a typist and has grown to know pretty much everything about Warmlite and our products. She loves being able to form relationships with customers, while also explaining why Warmlite products work so well.
As a family-owned business, we are very thankful for Jane and all of the others who have been a part of our team for so long!


Deb Torrey has been a seamstress for Warmlite for 36 years. She originally wanted a job that would allow her to be a stay at home mom and has continued to stay with us all these years. Deb is a proud grandmother to five beautiful kids.

Alva Arredondo has been a sewer for Warmlite since November 2017. She enjoys this job because she is able to combine her sewing passion with her love of learning new things. Alva also loves being a part of the friendly, family environment. All of these aspects make work fun for Alva.