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Standard Three-Person Tent *QUICK SHIP*

$1,399.00 $1,299.00

This tent can ship in 48 business hours or less.

Colors: Yellow Top & Blue Ends | Grenadine Top & Light Blue Ends

Model: 3R


  • 1 Large Door
  • 1 Regular Door
  • Double Wall
  • Side Windows (2)
  • Weight: 4 Pounds 3 Ounces
  • 1 tent sack & 4 tent stakes

About This Tent:

  • Only requires 4 stakes.
  • 4 Season Tent
  • Tents are made out of silicon-coated ripstop nylon.
  • Two pre-curved to shape tent poles allow the poles to withstand the highest loads and most severe wind storms.
  • Lightest and most storm resistant tents you can find in the world, featuring an elliptical ARC Shape for wind stability and aerodynamic design.

Easy to Use:

  • Fast and easy setup with two permanently curved poles which slip easily into full-length sleeves.
  • Tent can be fully setup in minutes even in strong winds!
  • Perfect for all types of outdoor use, from arctic expeditions to casual weekend camping.
  • Standard Warmlite tents can resist 95 mph winds
  • Chimney effect ventilation system assures excellent venting even in still air


Standard Three-Person Tent

Light 3 Person Tent

This Tent Can Ship in 48 Business Hours or Less


Weight: 4 Pounds 3 Ounces

Colors: Yellow Top & Blue Ends | Grenadine Top & Light Blue Ends

Model: 3R

Materials: Silicon-Coated Ripstop Nylon (Parachute Material)


This tent includes:

  • 1 Large Door
  • 1 Regular Door
  • Double Wall Body
  • Side Windows (2)
  • 1 tent sack & 4 tent stakes

About This Tent

  • Only requires 4 tent stakes
  • 4 Season Tent
  • Two pre-curved to shape tent poles that allow the poles to withstand the highest loads and most severe wind storms. This tent can withstand winds of up to 90 Miles Per Hour.
  • Lightest and most storm-resistant tents you can find in the world, featuring an elliptical ARC Shape for wind stability and aerodynamic design
  • Designed by an aerospace engineer
  • 2 Doors, one on each end of the tent for ease of access to either end
  • Can easily fit 3 people and their gear inside
  • 2 side windows that have off-set inner and outer zippers that when closed do not let air through, but when opened can create a perfect cooling breeze
  • Double wall built into the body of the tent to keep you warmer and prevent condensation on the interior walls

Fast & Easy Set-Up

  • 2 permanently curved poles that slip easily into full-length sleeves
  • Fully set up in minutes even in strong winds or wind gusts!
  • Perfect for all types of outdoor use, from arctic expeditions to casual weekend camping
  • This Standard Warmlite tent can resist 90 mph winds
  • Chimney effect ventilation system assures excellent venting no matter what the weather conditions are

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 in
Tent Color

Yellow Top/Blue Ends, Grenadine Top/Light Blue Ends

Sizes & Weight

Size 56″, 60”,64” and 70” on DAM Refers to the girth size of sleeping bag it fits into.

Girth Height Range Length Weight Range
56″ 5′ – 5’8″ 66-70″ 90-120 lbs
60″ 5’4″ – 5’10” 70-74″ 105-155 lbs
64″ 5’8″ – 6’4″ 78-82″ 130-190 lbs
70″ 5’10” – 7′ 84-88″ 170-250 lbs
76″ TBD 84-88″ TBD

Note: Lengths will vary due to DAM fullness, overall person size, and custom hand sewing variations by 1/2″

Typical weights for each layer in ounces: (excluding Pad)

56″ 16 26 29 71
60″ 17 28 30.5 75.5
64″ 18 30 32 80
70″ 20 33 34 87
76″ 21 34 39 94

Weight of D.A.M and Optional Foam Pad and Total Weights of Bag System with Either On:

Girth Down-Filled
Air Mattress
Sleeping Bag with Down-Filled
Air Mattress
Foam Pad Foam Pad
with Sleeping Bag
56″ 20 oz 91 (5 lb 11 oz) 28 oz 99 (6 lb 3 oz)
60″ 21 oz 97.7 (6 lb 1.5 oz) 30 oz 105.5 (6 lb 9.5 oz)
64″ 24 oz 103 (6 lb 7 oz) 32 oz 112 (7 lb)
70″ 28 oz 112 (7 lb) 36 oz 123 (7 lb 11 oz)
76″ 28 oz 122 (7 lb 10 oz) 36 oz 130 (8 lb 2 oz)

How to Measure Girth

Note: Layers are filled for given LOFT, not weight, thus when Down loft is better these weights will be less, and vice versa. Decrease in height reduces weight about 1 oz. per inch.

Bag Packed Sizes

WITH Down Air Mattress:
10″ x 27″

WITH Foam Pad:
11″ x 27″

Technical Information

A Warmlite tent starts out light and stays light. You won’t be carrying several extra pounds of condensation or rain soaked inner tent, like the typical porous tent with fly.

The standard of performance in severe weather use, Warmlite® tents are the warmest, lightest, easiest to assemble, and most versatile in the world. Exceptional dependability, ease of use, and light weight along with options not found in other tents has made them the first choice of experienced backpackers, expedition members and canoe, bicycle, or airplane campers since 1964.

Warmlite® tents have been proven in the most extreme conditions throughout the world. The shapes have been copied, but performance never equaled. We’ve made many important improvements since 1964, but even our early Warmlite® tents had many of the following unique advantages over others:

Elliptical ARC Shape for wind stability, strength, quietness, headroom and space. This shape gives stable air flow and the lowest wind loads while diminishing stress on materials, flapping, noise and failure common in other tents and designs. No need for many annoying staked out lines and their stress points. Conical ends form built-in “vestibules” for cooking and gear storage, and uniformly distribute loads from stakes, directed for best holding power. Well placed pockets aid gear storage and organization.

Most Room for sitting and working with good headroom. 60″ width (89″ in Model 5). Two people can sit side by side in front half of Model 2 or anywhere in 3, or 4 across in Model 5. Floor shape gives best fit for sleeping bags and gear.
“Vestibules” for gear and cooking are standard, not an expensive extra weight option, and are floored to keep gear clean and dry for a stable, easily cleaned cooking space. Model 2 tents have vestibule at front, others at each end.

Fast, EASY Set Up. Two permanently curved poles slip easily into full-length sleeves. Setup is quick and simple even during fierce winds when other tents can’t be setup. Only three stakes are needed to hold a Model 2, four for Model 3 or Model 5. “Free standing” domes need stakes at each pole end for any wind resistance. Imagine trying to get poles in or fly on to a partially erected dome in the rain with strong winds whipping it about! When you are tired and short on air in a wild storm, you need the simplicity of a Warmlite tent!

High Wind Durability: Designed for smooth airflow in high wind, Warmlite tents resist 95 mph winds or, with optional inside wind stabilizers up to 160 mph. This is very important for safety in severe storms. (Most other tents fail in wind under 60 mph. Many tents fail in winds under 60 mph, some deform or fail in winds under 40 mph.

EASY TENSION ADJUSTMENTS, from INSIDE for tight wind-stable tent without leaving your warm, snug bed.

STRONGEST POLES – Our 7178T6 poles are much stronger than those in many other tents, not only do we use the highest strength aluminum alloy to build the poles, but they are also pre-curved to shape to allow the poles to hold the highest loads and not waste their strength on being bent into a curved shape when placed into the tent pole sleeve. This material and shape allow the pole and tent to hold its shape and stability in any wind. Our poles resist 20 times more force than thin flex-to-shape poles used in most other tents, these poles use 80% of their strength just flexing to shape. Warmlite® poles need no load sacrificing flexing and are stronger and stiffer to begin with.

ADJUSTABLE VENT SYSTEM for full control of warmth and humidity. High vents let out humid air while Low vents let in heavier dry air. This “chimney effect” assures excellent venting even in still air, when other vent schemes fail. Upper vents have zippered inside covers for easy incremental control of venting. Lower vents can be closed against excessive wind or dust, but open when winds die, always providing safe ventilation.
Optional windows on each side open from inside (once the outer cover is raised) for views and cooling. Open them any amount, in any location, or close as tight as if they weren’t there. They have no effect on storm resistance when closed.

DRY AND WARM: Double walls, silicone coated fabric and sealed seams provide full rain protection, best warmth, and least condensation. The inner wall is kept warmer by an insulating air gap between walls. The tent stays dry inside; warmth of inner wall eliminates the miserable condensation so common in other tents, and aids differential height chimney venting. Warm, humid, lighter air rises up and out the top vents, while fresh, dry air is drawn in through the lower vents.
Sealed one-piece construction. No loose fly to get heavy with condensation, soak the inner tent, or let the inner wall soak up rain during setup or take down, the worst problem of old style tents. Tradition isn’t good when it leaves you wet.

LIGHTEST Weight: The lightest yet strongest tents in the world. Only 1 to 1 and 1/2 pounds per person.
Weight may vary due to coating thickness (seldom over 2 oz) or by seam sealing efficiency.

2X = 2.33 lb     3X = 3.25 lb     5X = 4.7 lb     2R = 2.75 lb      3R = 3.75 lb     5R = 5.6 lb


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