Standard 70 Sleeping Bag -60F Degrees

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Arctic Sleeping Bag

These are Quick Ship Sleeping Bags

**Ships in 7 Business Days**


  • 4 Season Sleeping Bag. You don’t need multiple bags for different seasons or conditions, one bag can adapt and be adjusted for every season, temperature, and condition
  • This sleeping bag is rated to -60 degrees! It covers three overlapping temperature ranges from +60° to -60°F, with temperatures of -80°F reported by hardy Alaskans and arctic expeditions
  • 3″ air gap between you and the outside
  • A Thin and a Thick top that can be used separately or together
  • Custom fitted Air Mattress or Foam Pad is zipped into the bottom of the sleeping bag so there is no slipping of the Down Filled Air Mattress (DAM)! You can never slip or roll off your air mattress.
  • Full-length zippers on both sides and a foot zipper can vent in a number of ways, including complete removal of a layer
  • Down-filled hood to keep your head warm, and can be zipped so tightly so that only your nose sticks out
  • 850 Goose Down in every layer
  • Vapor Barrier Liner
  • Not a mummy bag, so you can easily move within the bag while staying surrounded by down and maintaining warmth. However, choosing a smaller size can create the feel of a mummy bag if desired
  • Same as a custom Warmlite sleeping bag in every way, this one is just pre-made and ready to ship within 7 days


  • Color:
    • Silver and Yellow
    • Kelly Green and Yellow
  • Size: 70
  • Weight: 87 ounces + weight of an Air Mattress or Foam Pad

Sizes & Weight

Size 56″, 60”,64” and 70” on DAM Refers to the girth size of sleeping bag it fits into.

Girth Height Range Length Weight Range
56″ 5′ – 5’8″ 66-70″ 90-120 lbs
60″ 5’4″ – 5’10” 70-74″ 105-155 lbs
64″ 5’8″ – 6’4″ 78-82″ 130-190 lbs
70″ 5’10” – 7′ 84-88″ 170-250 lbs

Note: Lengths will vary due to DAM fullness, overall person size, and custom hand sewing variations by 1/2″

Typical weights for each layer in ounces: (excluding Pad)

56″ 16 26 29 71
60″ 17 28 30.5 75.5
64″ 18 30 32 80
70″ 20 33 34 87

Weight of D.A.M and Optional Foam Pad and Total Weights of Bag System with Either On:

Girth Down-Filled
Air Mattress
Sleeping Bag with Down-Filled
Air Mattress
Foam Pad Foam Pad
with Sleeping Bag
56″ 20 oz 91 (5 lb 11 oz) 28 oz 99 (6 lb 3 oz)
60″ 21 oz 97.7 (6 lb 1.5 oz) 30 oz 105.5 (6 lb 9.5 oz)
64″ 24 oz 103 (6 lb 7 oz) 32 oz 112 (7 lb)
70″ 28 oz 112 (7 lb) 36 oz 123 (7 lb 11 oz)

How to Measure Girth

Note: Layers are filled for given LOFT, not weight, thus when Down loft is better these weights will be less, and vice versa. Decrease in height reduces weight about 1 oz. per inch.

Bag Packed Sizes

WITH Down Air Mattress:
10″ x 27″

WITH Foam Pad:
11″ x 27″

About Vapor Barrier

  • The Warmlite® vapor barrier clothing and sleeping bag liner protects an individual from dehydration, mineral loss, and overheating, while also protecting clothes from being soaked by sweat. Sweat is contained within the vapor barrier layer and does not readily evaporate, nor can it reach clothing, making clothing cold, wet and putting one at risk of hypothermia.
  • Vapor Barrier items can add up to 15° Fahrenheit of warmth when snugly sealed at all openings. Slight ventilation will eliminate most of the warmth retention, but will not stop the excess sweat prevention.
  • Conserving body moisture is especially important in winter. If you begin to sweat heavily in the vapor barrier clothing, simply remove outer clothing until you feel comfortable.
  • With vapor battier clothing it is best to adjust the number and weight of outer layers before engaging in increased activity, such as climbing or leaving camp to go for a hike. This is to prevent excess heat and sweat.
  • The lining of Warmlite® sleeping bags is made of fuzzy stuff, it is a blend of vapor barrier material and a warm, wicking, fabric that wicks sweat away from the body keeping it dry and warm while sleeping. That’s why the surface wicking of Warmlite Fuzzy Stuff is so important for comfort.
  • Hand wash all vapor barrier items such as shirts, pants, socks, and gloves. Another way to rinse vapor barrier items is to put the item on inside out and run the shower over it.


This sleeping bag is rated to -60 degrees! It covers three overlapping temperature ranges from +60° to -60°F, with temperatures of -80°F reported by hardy Alaskans and arctic expeditions.