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Camping Cookout Ideas for Your Next Excursion

Camping means you don’t have the same luxuries as you do at home, but you can still make terrific meals for your friends and family. Modern gadgets let you cook steak and eggs at the campsite as tasty as chefs make it in the restaurant. What should you make at your next camping cookout? Here’s how you should prepare for the next excursion.
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Modern Techniques and Tools for Wilderness Navigation

Navigating the wilderness may be more than just a hobby for you. Perhaps it helps you keep sane and relieve stress. Thankfully, you no longer have to rely on outdated maps and unconventional methods to find your way. Technology has made navigating even the deepest forests and most remote locations easier and safer. Here is some of the best tech-based navigation gear you can use in your next adventure.
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How To Budget for Expedition Gear

So, you want to go on an outdoor expedition, cut your teeth, test your skills, or challenge yourself to something bigger than you've ever done before. You have a dream brewing in the back of your mind of where and when you want to go. Now it's time to put some parameters on this dream, how much is it going to cost and what exactly should I spend my money on? Everyone is going to have a different budget, some are going to be more shoe-string and others are going to be a little more extravagant. Both are good and both can lead to incredible adventures and experiences. Only you can set your budget. But here are some guidelines on where we suggest to budget the most funds.
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How Long Does a Warmlite Tent Last?

Warmlite prides itself in the longevity of its products, we tell customers that once they buy a tent or sleeping bag it will likely last their whole life. Or many faithful years for the long-term adventurer (many months of continuous use each year). This is all well and good, but how do we know that? How do we know our gear can go anywhere you want to take it? From customer stories, just like this.
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11 Hiking Mistakes You Might Want to Avoid

Whether you're starting with short hikes or have the skills and dedication to thru-hike, carrying the right gear and monitoring the conditions effectively are critical to enjoying a safe, constructive adventure. Keeping your feet healthy, protecting your body from the elements, and monitoring the weather conditions are critical.
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The Importance of Vapor Barrier Liners

Occasionally during the FAQ portion of my slideshows, and frequently at the start of every winter, I receive questions about vapor barrier liners (VBL’s). The content and tone of these questions suggest a general misunderstanding of and slight mystery about them, so in this article I’ll attempt to offer a comprehensive review of VBL’s based on my understanding of and experience with them – basically, what they are, how they work, and when to use them.
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Treeline Gear Review

With the trees starting to let go of their leaves and the nights getting cooler, the time for planning fall and winter camping adventures has officially begun! To make all your hikes, climbs, and ski tours a reality, you need a good shelter.
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What to Bring Kayaking

If the warm weather is drawing you towards water expeditions, you aren’t alone. We have been going out boating and kayaking and are looking forward to many more trips this summer. But if you are new to kayaking, or a multi-day trip, here is a list of what to bring kayaking.
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