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Tent Dimensions and Weights

Tent & Option Weights:

Extra-Light (X)2.33 lbs3.25 lbs4.7 lbs
Double Wall (R)2.75 lbs3.75 lbs5.6 lbs
Climbers (C)2.59 lbs3.40 lbsN/A
Side Windows5.0 oz5.0 ozs5.0 oz
Large Door Extra Zippers2.0 oz2.0 oz2.0 oz
Mid Pole(s)N/A3.4 oz (R 3/8″)
6.0 oz (R 5/8″)
5.0 oz (R 3/8″)
9.0 oz (R 5/8″)
Wind Stabilizers2.5 oz (R)
3.0 oz (Endliner)
5.0 oz (R)
3.0 oz (Endliner)
7.0 oz (R)
3.0 oz (Endliner)
End Liner7.0 oz (R)10.0 oz (R)15.0 oz (R)

Tent Packed Sizes:

Tent Option2-Person3-Person5-Person
Extra-Light (X)4″ x 17″5″ x 17″6″ x 21″
Double Wall (R)5″ x 17″6.5″ x 17″7.5″ x 21″
Drawings show exterior sizes. Interior sizes are about the same for X tents. R tents seem smaller due to the liner, but sitting and moving space is the same (liner easily pushes up). Poles determine length, are about 1/3 the volume.
Warmlite 5-Person Tent