flying in to arctic camp with warmlite tents

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Warmlite, formerly known as Stephenson’s Warmlite, proudly boasts over 65 years of providing the most exceptional expedition gear on the market. Proudly made in the United States of America, this brand has remained uncompromising in its commitment to innovation, grounded in solid science and lightweight modern materials. With an abundance of gear options, Warmlite stands out as a beacon of quality, durability, and unmatched performance.

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Why Warmlite?

When it comes to expedition tents, Warmlite stands in a league of its own. Here’s why you should choose Warmlite over the competition:

Unrivaled Lightweight 4-Season Tents:

Warmlite tents are not just ordinary lightweight shelters; they’re the epitome of innovative 4-season engineering. Our tents boast an elliptical ARC Shape for superior wind stability, double walls to prevent condensation, and a chimney effect ventilation system ensuring optimal airflow in any setting. Whether you’re braving arctic expeditions or summer peaks, Warmlite’s technical features guarantee unmatched performance and durability. Embrace the future of camping with our pioneering designs and materials. See What GearLab Is Saying About Our 2R Tents.

Warmlite tent set up on a mountain
interior photo of a 5 person warmlite tent
arctic expedition using warmlite gear
warmlite tents in the arctic
flying in to arctic camp with warmlite tents
WILL STEGER arctic expedition camp site

Precision-Engineered Performance:

Warmlite tents stand out not just as regular outdoor gear but as the pinnacle of precision-crafted equipment for the dedicated gear aficionado. Designed with an elliptical arc shape for optimal wind stability and equipped with double walls to prevent condensation, our tents guarantee warmth and longevity in extreme conditions. When you invest in a Warmlite tent, you’re not just purchasing a shelter; you’re securing a reliable partner built to weather countless rugged adventures, no matter the environment. Our tents have withstood challenges since 1964, showcasing features like easy tension adjustments from inside and resistance against high wind speeds. Ready for a deeper dive into what makes Warmlite unparalleled?


Product Categories

We offer a diverse range of 4-season, lightweight expedition tents tailored to different adventurers’ needs. All can be made into the shorter climbers’ tent, and each tent features our signature elliptical ARC Shape. Just know that when you invest in a Warmlite tent, you’re investing in a piece of equipment that will accompany you on countless adventures, year after year — no matter the conditions you encounter.

Warmlite Tents set up in the Arctic


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