Rain Jackets


Our versatile rain jacket is perfect for any outdoor activity! It has a velcro adjustable wrist to wear as tight or loose as you need. Made out of silicone coated rip-stop nylon, the same material as our tents. Wear over any clothes to keep you dry in rain or snow.


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Durable Rain Jacket

Rain Jackets

Our versatile, durable rain jackets are perfect for any outdoor activity! Wear over your clothes to keep you dry and warm in rain, wind, and snow. These jackets are extremely durable and lightweight, as they are made from the same parachute material as our tents. Firstly, as a result of this material, they are tear resistant and completely waterproof. Secondly, it also creates a perfect wind breaker. Making these jackets perfect for day-hikers, backpackers, kayakers, and more. These jackets also feature Velcro adjustable wrists that can be loosened to allow for ventilation or tightened to keep rain out of your gloves and other layers. These rain jackets are versatile so you only need one for multiple uses and conditions.

We suggest going up 1-2 sizes in order to fit over clothes.



  • With Hood (no collar)
  • Collar only (no hood)


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