Rain Poncho


This ultra light rain poncho retains our previous hood design with a visor to keep rain off your face, a cinch cord to hold the hood to your head and keep it from drifting around and covering your face, a generous neck vent for cooling, and lots of length and width. Lightweight side zippers, instead of snaps or velcro, provide better wind protection. Made out of the same silicone-coated, ripstop nylon that our tents are made from.

These are only made to order, so you can select your sizing and color.  An option we provide is extra length on the rear to cover your pack. The excess material can be zipped up in a tuck when not needed.

Weight: 8 to 10 Ounces (depending on size)

Enter the length from Point A to Point B in the diagrams below under "Measuring Extra-Length Size"
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Rain Poncho

About the Custom Rain Poncho

Edges are not seamed but are instead cut using a hot cut fabric knife to prevent fraying.

For pack covering extension option: measure from top of shoulder up over the pack and back to the same height used for specifying back length without the pack. The difference will be the length of fabric tucked out, so side zips will work correctly either way.

Width: full 65″ width of fabric.

Weight: 8 to 10 ounces depending on size.

Also provide hat size or head circumference for the hood.

Optional: Ponchos can also be made from Fuzzy Stuff for softer drape and wicking inner surface, but weight is almost doubled.

This rain poncho is both versatile and durable, it will work in rain, snow, or sleet and it made from extremely strong and reliable. Made from the same material as a parachute, if it gets punctured it will not rip or tear into a larger hole. As the silicone coating is on every strand there is no part of this jacket that does not repel water. It also serves as a vapor barrier and will help keep heat in, keeping you warmer in inclement conditions. It can also act as a perfect wind breaker that can really make the difference if it is windy, raining, sleeting, snowing, or any mixture of inclement weather.

This rain poncho is versatile so you only need one for multiple uses and conditions. It is extremely lightweight as it is made from the same parachute materiel as our tents. This can make it prefect for simply carrying in your pack as a ‘just in case’ item. The built-in clear visor option is great for keeping the rain off your face and glasses. Choose from 20 available colors to fit a color aesthetic, blend in with the environment, or stand out. It can even be used as marker for search-and-rescue.

Want to know how we sew our gear? Check out this article on seam construction!

Measuring Your Size

For sizing, measure from top of your shoulder down your front and back, as far as you want it to drape.

Take two measurements, one for the front length and one for the back length.

For each measure from Point A to Point B.


Measuring Extra-Length Size

For extra length sizing, please refer to the diagram to the right.

Point A is the highest point on your shoulder.  Point B is at the same height off the ground as Point A.

Measure the distance around the top of the backpack from Point A to Point B.


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