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Lightweight Entertainment for Outdoors

When we venture into the great outdoors we like to think that will be enough to keep us entertained. However, this isn’t always the case. Times when a campfire isn’t allowed, can’t be had (due to heavy rain, snow, or wind), or you are on a long trip and will need something to do. Getting into the great outdoors is a great way to detach from the hum-drum and monotonous thoughts of our everyday lives, but we still need to occupy our minds. Here is a list of some lightweight games and entertainment that we can carry with us when going outdoors. Whether hiking or kayaking, these can be used anywhere.
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Pick Your Own Adventure Weekend

Welcome summer! In the northern hemisphere we are in the first week of summer and boy are we excited! The temperatures are warm but it isn’t the hottest days of summer yet, so we can still enjoy being outside. This weeks’ blog post is a bit of fun, a break from the more serious content of the past two weeks. With everyone ready to plunge into the summer fun, I thought I would compile a list of fun outdoor activities. Looking for something fun to do but can’t think of anything? In this list we have some ideas for you to pick your own adventure for this coming weekend.
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Flash Flood Safety for Hikers & Backpackers

In last weeks’ blog post we covered lightning and thunderstorm safety for outdoor activities. Another important element of outdoor safety that comes from rain and thunderstorms is flooding. Flash flooding poses an extreme threat to hikers, backpackers, kayakers, hunters, fishermen, and outdoor explorers at all times of year and any time of day. Flash flooding kills more people every year than any other extreme weather event (CDC & NWS). Let’s get into flash flood safety for hikers and backpackers.
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Thunderstorm Safety for Hikers & Backpackers

With summer fast approaching, we will be seeing a steady increase in thunderstorms. While I love a good thunderstorm, they are best enjoyed from a safe place. They are so common that we often forget the very real dangers that can be wrought by a thunderstorm.
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Gear List for Backpacking

Planning a backpacking trip? Having the right gear is important so that you can make it out and back in the same condition (maybe in need of a shower). Backpacking offers a chance to get further and deeper into nature than you can in a day hike. Spending each day in nature and taking a long break from civilization and our phones is a freeing and calming experience. Here is our list that we check off before hitting the backpacking trail.
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Picking a Tent for Climbing

When climbing and camping you have a different set of needs than backpacking. You still have to carry all your gear with you, but you also need as much compaction as possible. Winter or summer you’ll need light weight, small, and easy to set-up tents. These are our top four features we suggest you look for in a tent for climbing.
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5 Summer Hiking Tips

Different seasons have their own pros and cons, dangers and perks. We have covered tips for hiking in Spring. But as the season gives way from spring to summer being just around the corner, it’s important to change up our hiking packs’ contents. These are our 5 summer hiking tips.
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The Many Uses of Rain Gear

When we hear the term rain gear, we often think of it being bought and used in situations like rain when hiking. Which, would make sense given the name. But it is also misleading. Rain gear has a wide variety of uses and situations in which it can be used. There are many different types of rain gear, and they all have their pros and cons. It is best to do research on the exact type of situations and climates you will be dealing with to decide which type of rain gear will serve you best. Let’s explore some common and uncommon uses of rain gear.
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