Plain Air Mattress


Don’t want a Down-Filled Air Mattress?  No problem!  We also offer standard Plain Air-Filled Mattresses.  Same shape and construction as our famous Down-Filled Air Mattress–just without the Down!



Plain Air Mattress

Orange Air Mattress

We also offer a non-Down filled, Plain Air Mattress. This is made from the same materials and is the same orange as the DAM, the only difference is there is no Down inside of the air mattress. If you are not doing to extremely cold locations, where your bag alone will be able to keep you warm, this is a great alternative. It will still fit inside your Warmlite sleeping bag, so you can never roll off your air mattress.

We chose the bright orange color of the material to make the air mattress with for a specific reason. It can be triple purposed. You can use the air mattress as a flotation device when you want to cool off after a long day of hiking or spending time outdoors. You can also use the bright orange color as a flag or marker in case of an emergency, it can be used to tell search-and-rescue where you are. The bright orange color is easily seen through a forest or from the air. Without the down in the air mattress it make the mattress weigh less, it also allows you more flexability in filling the air mattress with air. You no longer have to worry about moisture getting into your mattress and reducing the ability of the down to keep you warm.

Please note that the Air Mattress comes in 4 sizes.  The size is for going into our four standard sleeping bags.  56, 60, 64, 70 is for the corresponding GIRTH sized sleeping bag

Air Mattresses are coffin shaped.  Width is given at the shoulders.

Size Length Width Weight (in ounces)
56 65″ 22″ 17 ounces
60 70″ 24″ 18 ounces
64 74″ 26″ 19 ounces
70 80″ 28″ 23 ounces

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Bag Girth

56 inches, 60 inches, 64 inches, 70 inches


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