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Why you need Vapor Barrier Liners

Why you need Vapor Barrier Liners By: Jessica Marie Many people use wickable under-garments, which moves sweat away from your skin. This keeps you from noticing overheating and sweating. This also prevents dampening or soaking clothing worn close to your body. However, it will damped upper layers unless all layers are wickable. This works well […]

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3 essentials for extreme cold blog post

3 Essentials for Extreme Cold Expeditions and Camping

3 Essentials for Extreme Cold Expeditions and Camping By: Jessica Marie   You look up at the scenery before you, a frigid landscape of ice, snow, and frost. You can see your breath with every exhale. The trees are hibernating, the scenery is almost black and white in the contrast of trees and snow. The […]

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Hiking Trail in Fort Collins, CO

Hiking in the Fall

Hiking in November We love hiking year-round, but November’s autumn hikes call for a few tips! It’s Hunting Season! It’s important to know if you are hiking in spaces where hunting is permitted. If so, it’s smart to wear bright orange. And if you hike with your furry friend, keep them on a leash, and […]

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Vapor Barrier Gift Set

And just like that, it’s November! Go check out this month’s newsletter for some great holiday deals! We hope you stay healthy and happy this November. Remember, Warmlite is thankful and grateful for all of you:)

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