Warmlite 2R Review on OutdoorGearLab.com

Warmlite 2R Review on OutdoorGearLab.com

The Stephenson’s Warmlite 2R is a strong, spacious, and exceptionally light non-freestanding tunnel tent that is still made in the USA in Gilford, NH. The tent uses high quality materials (though very thin diameter poles) and provides lots of space for a mere 3 lb. 4 oz. The 2R can handle fierce winds as long as its pitched solidly. This is where the Warmlite is a little unique, featuring only three tie-down points and no guy-out points (guy-out points are an optional addition) and therefore requires an extremely solid stake, such as a ski or buried ice axe, in order to achieve the very high lengthwise tension that’s necessary to make the sidewalls drum tight if you expect to be in 50+ mph winds.

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