Is the Stephenson WarmLite the lightest three-person tent?

Guilty as charged. The Stephenson tents are such niche products that I sometimes overlook them. Not that being a niche product is a bad thing! Not at all! And the WarmLite is a tent that’s well worth considering. It’s a hoop tent, meaning it has two semi-circular poles, one at each end. This is a […]

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extreme lightweight 4 season tent

Warmlite Tent Reviews on Trailspace.com

I have owned a 3R for more than 20 years and finally replaced it with a 2R. Both tents have the side windows and use them often in the summer. I used the 3R for more climbing and backpacking trips then I can recall and never had a problem with it. It stood up to […]

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The History of Gear: Warmlite

“Before the Ultralight Revolution there was Jack Stephenson” PACK INNOVATOR— I have laid before me on the table a simple black and white photograph of a young Jack Stephenson wearing a shiny, unorthodox hip-carry frame pack in about 1957 (for historical context, 1957 is the year when a young climbing bum named Yvon Chouinard started […]

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