Best of New Hampshire…Warmlite

Sleeping Bags: The name says it all. You want your overnight camping gear to keep you warm but not add weight to the pack, and Stephenson’s Warmlite sleeping bags, tents and other gear use  “exotic aerospace-derived materials” to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency.  Learn more by ordering a famous Warmlite catalog, but only if you’re 18 or older. The founder, Jack Stephenson of Gilford, was a dedicated “naturist” and the human models in his catalogs are often wearing only their birthday suits. Stephenson died early this year and the company, now run by his son, has a Colorado mailing address, but the Granite State has prior claim.

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3 thoughts on “Best of New Hampshire…Warmlite

  1. Oh. I am sorry to hear of Jack’s final camp.
    We got to be friends when I stayed at the family home in Th ousand Oaks? / Ventura ? (My memory is not always crystal clear)
    Sending condolances and best wishes for the family.
    David Dilworth

    1. Thank you David, Jack is dearly missed but his legend lives on through Warmlite & fantastic lifelong customers like you! Kim

    2. Thank you David,
      It was Woodland Hills, CA. I am Jack’s oldest daughter and we thank you for your condolences. My parents moved to NH in 1975 and my Dad thoroughly enjoyed being able to hike, sail, fly, and ski in the beautiful White Mountains area! Mom is doing well..enjoying her great-grandson. We are all very happy that our cousin Kim (Stephenson) Cunningham and her husband Regis have taken over Dad’s business and are in the process of setting things up in Colorado.
      Thanks again, Laura Jean Holdaway

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