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Best Tents Made in the USA 2018 reviews Warmlite’s 3C (3 Person Climber) Tent

If you’re going to be doing some bad weather camping or climbing trips, the Warmlite Climbers tent will serve you well. We did really in-depth research and testing to see which tents would hold up against the harshest conditions, and this Warmlite tent shined above the competition. The shape of the tent is very aerodynamic, allowing it to hold up well against windy conditions. The tent material is made out of silicon-coated ripstop nylon, which we found held up well against rain, snow, and other weather. Its longevity and lifetime access to any needed repairs are two of the things that customers love most about their tents, says Kim Cunningham, an awesome manager at Warmlite. “We have customers who use our gear for 20 or 40 years and can come back decades later and have us repair gear. We believe in our product, our designs, and our customers. We want our customers to be happy with their gear, we want them to create amazing memories and experiences while on expeditions, and we want to do everything we can to get them there. Customers want their gear to work and to last and they know they can get that from us.”

This Warmlite tent is also really easy to set up, even in bad conditions. All you need is the two curved poles and three stakes, which are all provided with the tent and easily slip into where they need to go. The adjustable ventilation system is also nice – it really helps control the temperature of the tent, especially since it’s a bit warmer than most to begin with.

We also spoke with Kim on why they love manufacturing in the U.S.: “We believe in this country, we want to keep the entire company as domestic as possible. Even our materials, from the fabrics to the zippers, are manufactured in the US. We want to support American manufacturing, American jobs, American families and the American economy. We at Warmlite® feel that our nation is great and we want to help keep it that way.”

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