Warmlite’s Repair Policy

Warmlite’s Repair Policy

Warmlite Gear: Built to Last

Many outdoor enthusiasts use their gear until it’s destroyed, but with Warmlite’s repair policy you never have to worry about throwing out another tent, sleeping bag, jacket, or vapor barrier item. Our high-quality, rip-resistant material, sturdy zippers, and double-stitched strain-bearing seams, Warmlite gear is carefully assembled to ensure that your gear lasts 20+ years.

But things happen. Did you know that we will repair your gear? Our team can work with you to determine how to fix your gear and get it back to its original glory. We are proud of our top-quality gear, and work to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Many Warmlite customers have owned their gear for decades, and we put in the effort to make sure it lasts many more.

We believe in the quality and longevity of our gear. If after 20+ years of use something needs repair, we can fix it!

How Repairs Work

Repairs are $50 an hour plus the cost of materials. Pay shipping to and from the Warmlite® facility. For questions, call (970) 568-4080 or email [email protected] Our Office Hours are Monday – Thursday, 8 am to 4 pm MST.

Have Warmlite gear that needs repaired? Simply give us a call or email us about the issue and we can problem-solve with you to decide on the best course of action.

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9 thoughts on “Warmlite’s Repair Policy

  1. What material are your raingear pieces made of? Breathable yet water proof seems so elusive but the Brits/ Irish have some but it seems quite heavy. Which is my other question: what would be approximate weight of a medium, hooded rain top
    [email protected]

    1. Great question Cliff. We use the same material for our Ponchos as we do our tents, a nylon silicone coated rip stop fabric. A Poncho with a hood weighs approx. 8 ounces. Weight can be slightly more or less depending on overall length and if a lot additional length is added to go over backpack space.
      If you look on our website:
      at the bottom there are sections on how to measure your length and how to measure for extra length for a backpack. Have a Great day!

  2. Kim,
    In 1970 I bought a pack, two triple bags, and a two person tent. Only the tent died, too much RV but my Triple is going strong after 50+ years!!! I have lost some weight and am almost back at the 138 pounds where Jack measured me on his living room floor. After, we went out for ice cream to celebrate a birthday girl!!! Jack and I corresponded over the years, he was a unique person and a joy to know. I still have my original Kelty B4 frame and pack body. May you prosper and keep this brand alive and well for many years to come. Lord bless.
    Bob Jarrard

    1. Hello Robert, such a great testament to the life long quality of Warmlite gear. Jack (my uncle) was a very unique person and brilliant man. We are carrying on what he started in 1957. Hope you are still getting out to enjoy the great outdoors! Thank you & Happy Trails, Kim

  3. In 1980 I acquired a Stephenson Warmlite catalog, among others, while searching for appropriate equipment. Alas, the Warmlite was as desireable to me as it was out of my price range. I spent the next 30 years replaceing worn out or destroyed tents and bags. Shoulda got a Stephenson. Well the survivor of that search is the catalog which I just discovered in my basement in excellent condition. It is marked 1980 on the price list and if you want it just send me an address to mail it to and I’ll send it when it’s safe to go to my P.O.
    Larry Rapaport

    1. Love it Larry! Thanks for your offer, but you can keep it in your archives as we have several on hand. Happy Trails!

  4. I have a Warmlite tent and sleeping bag from probably the late 80’s. Sleeping bag in great shape but tent was stored in my barn after its last use, slight mildew, I have washed it according to the directions and let it dry.. I have yet to set it up and let it rain on it to see how it’s doing as far as seam sealing.. Somewhere on the site it says I can get new silicone seam sealer from you to re-seal it. I am comfortable doing it myself. I just can’t find where you sell the sealer to customers. Can you help me with that, please? Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Louise, so glad to hear you are enjoying your Warmlite gear for so many years! If you need to re-seam seal you tent we suggest using 100% Silicone, GE brand, clear. We dilute with Mineral Spirits just enough to make the silicone a paintable consistancy and simply apply (paint) the seams as needed. Great question! 🙂

      1. Thanks for getting back to me, Kim, I’ll get that and get it ready to go out in the White mountains next month!

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