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Hiking in November

We love hiking year-round, but November’s autumn hikes call for a few tips!

It’s Hunting Season!

It’s important to know if you are hiking in spaces where hunting is permitted. If so, it’s smart to wear bright orange. And if you hike with your furry friend, keep them on a leash, and think about getting them orange gear. You should avoid hiking at dawn and dusk when hunters and animals are most active.  If you’re hunting and camping this month, then check out our lightweight tent, and our warm, 850 Goose Down sleeping bag to keep you comfortable and cozy. Stay visible and warm while out hunting, check out our gear to see what best suits your needs.

November Trail Weather

November is an odd time for weather, especially at higher altitudes. Check local weather forecasts to know what to expect, but it’s always smart to bring a waterproof jacket with you. Rain or snow is always possible during this Fall to Winter transition, and it’s better to be prepared and comfortable than unprepared and wet! We also have lots of vapor barrier gear to help keep you warm (and it makes a great gift)!

Hiking Spots

November is a beautiful time to hike and camp, here’s an article on some of the best Fall hiking spots in the U.S.

Send Us Your Hiking & Gear Photos!

We love finding new places to hike, so please share any suggestions below. We’d also love to see your beautiful photos with your Warmlite gear!

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Have a safe November, and don’t forget to check out our site to look into warmer gear as the temperature drops.