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5 Summer Hiking Tips

By Jessica Marie

Different seasons have their own pros and cons, dangers and perks. We have covered tips for hiking in Spring. But as the season gives way from spring to summer being just around the corner, it’s important to change up our hiking packs’ contents. These are our 5 summer hiking tips.

Layers & Sunscreen

It may seem obvious that when it is hot out we should wear fewer layers. But that may not always be helpful. Prolonged exposure to the sun, even with sunscreen, can cause serious sun burns. In bright sun it can actually be highly beneficial to wear very light, loose, long sleeves or pants. I remember this being a requirement for working in the field during my time at paleontology field school. Loose, light, breathable layers helps to keep the sun and some bugs off your skin. You need a different material than the warm base layers one would wear in colder conditions.


When hiking, climbing, boating, etc. it is always important to be well-hydrated. There is never a season or climate that water is more or less important. Always carry the proper amount of water, plus some extra if you can manage.


I think I’ll always harp on footwear as it makes an extremely important impact on the quality of your hike. In Spring you have to be prepared for both winter and spring weather conditions. Depending on the altitude of your summer hike, this may still be true. Snow can remain in the high mountains for most of the year, even in the heat of the summer. Take into account your location, and even if it is supposed to be warm, the shadow sides of a hike can still harbor deep snow. If you know it will be warm, you can opt for more breathable footwear. Though I will always stand by hiking boots. They help to protect your ankle, protect you from brush and rocks, are more durable, and the right pair are extremely comfortable.

The 10 Essentials

Don’t forget those 10 Essentials! Read more about them here.


Climbers and skiiers wear helmets, hiking in winter a helmet is often suggested as well. But often a beanie or other warm hat is worn. In summer, it is time to trade those in for a brimmed hat. Such as a wide brimmed hat or a baseball cap. This goes hand in hand with protecting your face and neck from the sun and sunburn.


Those are our top 5 summer hiking tips. There are plenty of other options for gear to carry or wear. But from our experience with hiking in summer, these are the most helpful and useful. Have fun, stay safe, stay hydrated, and let’s go hiking.




5 summer hiking tips